Team Update #3

Team update #3 is now available on the FIRST Documents and Updates page. It has a few nice add-ins and shows the penalty for breaking the plane of the ball corral. I would suggest everyone who hasnt yet check it out (along with updates 1 and 2 also)!

this is very interesting:
3.2.3 Clarification.
The mobile goals will start against the sides of the Center Structure in random

This might make it tougher for teams who plan to grab the goal in autonomous.


Not really, if you plan to grab goal and not push on it too hard, it shouldn’t matter where you’re holding it. At least from what I’ve seen with out practice goal. Depends on the mechanism though.

I think the biggest and best changes comes into the ruling on electronic components:


[quote=“Update #3”]
<R71> [/quote]

Additional electronic components for use on the robot must be currently available from ***or equivalent to those available from ***Newark InOne (, Future Active (***, Radio Shack ( ***or Digi-Key Corporation ( The total catalogue value of additional electronic components must not exceed $200.00 USD. This cost is counted as part of the $3,500 limit. No single electronic component shall have a catalog value of over [font=TimesNewRoman]$100.00 USD.
[left]In short, this means that you have additional flexibility over where you can buy your electrical components… I think this is the common sense rules that we were all looking for. [/left]

[left]Woo hoo![/left]

[left][font=TimesNewRoman] [/left]

I believe that clarification was generated by the following from the Q&A system:

Q: What is the exact orientation of the mobile goal at the start of the match? Since the number of poles and number of sides are different, the choice of which goal face is flush against the deck changes the orientation of the poles.

A: The orientation will be random.

I would say it refers to the orienation of the PVC poles rather than the sides of the goal. I expect the goal to always have a flat side adjacent to the platform. Guess it might not be a bad idea to ask specifically … so much for “clarification” … :confused: