Team Update 4 (2016)


Silver means removed

■ GE-16170_REV_A: Mounting hole dimension added, 1.0 0
■ GE-16080: Updated to incorporate GE-16081_REV_A
■ GE-16081_REV_A:
■ Width: 4.50 5.25 (width references also changed; the 4.50 dimension was derived from two other dimensions, while the
5.25 dimension is specifically marked)
■ Height dimension reference changed from top of flange to bottom of flange
■ Material: 5 Guage Aluminum Sheet, .1819 thick Steel Sheet, .125” Thick
■ TE-16080_REV_B – Updated to incorporate addition of TE-16080-05, including location adjustment
■ TE-16080-05: new part

Section 2.2.2 OUTER WORKS
■ The Rock Wall is a steel block that is 4 ft. 2 in. wide, 4 -1/2 5-¼ in. deep, and 4 -1/2 4-5/8 in. tall.
(For more information on the depth change, see yesterday’s blog. The height correction is to make the manual match the original, and current, drawing.
The height of the Rock Wall has not changed from the originally published drawing.)

Section 4.8 Motors & Actuators
■ Reformatted for clarity: Hard drive motors or fans that are: included in any Kickoff Kit, distributed via FIRST Choice, part of a legal
motor controller (including manufacturer provided accessories), or part of a legal COTS computing device

Section 5.5.10
■ The specific DEFENSES used during each MATCH are selected by a combination of the audience and the ALLIANCES. One (1)
DEFENSE from each of the four (4) DEFENSE groups, A, B, C, and D are on the FIELD each Qualification and Playoff MATCH.
During the Practice MATCHES, ALLIANCES select DEFENSES for positions 2 through 5 to fortify their opponent’s OUTER
WORKS and may select any four (4) DEFENSES from the four (4) groups. For example, each of the two (2) DEFENSES from
groups A and B. Also, OUTER WORKS DEFENSE positions 2 through 5 are selected by the opposing ALLIANCE, i.e. the Red
ALLIANCE selects the Blue ALLIANCE DEFENSES. This provides each ALLIANCE with a predictable set of DEFENSES on which to practice.
During the Qualification MATCHES, ALLIANCES select DEFENSES to fortify their own OUTER WORKS (the OUTER WORKS closest to their TOWER).