Team Update 4

C10c, looks like we’ll be building our robot while queued up.

Emphasis mine: this is not the same as 2016. In that year, only an impact on the W/L outcome of the match was sufficient reason to declare a field-fault, NOT an impact on RPs earned. I recall a few instances when that mattered.

Was it the same in 2017? I don’t recall specific instances when it mattered last year.

The assignment of Ranking Points being considered part of the “Outcome of the Match” was not specifically cited last year and we were impacted a couple of times by that “oversight” which is why we asked for clarification this year.

Thank You GDC for another clarification that will improve our experience!

Correct - only the outcome of that particular match was considered. Fortunately an item in a Team Update regarding scoring errors gave another remedy when needed.

Probably more about clearing up technicalities that they don’t want to prohibit. By the letter of the rule, cutting a zip tie or taping something in place while in queue would have violated C10 prior to this update. Probably also clears up logistical headaches like “we aren’t in queue because we’re still tightening the last bolt and we can’t fabricate outside our pit.”

At the same time, if you break out a battery powered reciprocating saw while in the queue, I think you’ll be getting some negative attention

I think this is also to give the technician more to do since before this change they wouldn’t have had too much to do without technically breaking the rule.

It seems like it’s just legalizing something everyone did anyways during playoffs. Something breaks and you have to fix it in the arena, cause queuing will have your head if you try to run back to your pit to do it.

We’re not allowed to hold team hostage. If they want to go back to their pits they can they’re just responsible for making sure they get back in time for their match.