Team Update #5

Here you go:
Enjoy Discuss, lets not have a huge argument like the last one.

What is there to argue about? It’s clearing up a lot of confusion and dealing with some minor issues that show up.

This is a good update.


A good update.

I seriously wonder why they changed R60 to allow photosensors to connect to the solenoid breakout board.

I like the clarification of what ports are open and what directions they are open in.

No i meant in relation to the Team Update #4 thread. Lots of trolling and general controversial talk. *BTW nice same room troll Patrick :ahh: *

The 2011 Kit of Parts Checklist, Rev C, includes the following edits:
BaneBots motor part numbers have been updated as follows:

  • RS775 has become M7-RS-775-12.

Shouldn’t that be M7-RS775-18

Glad that minor protrusions are allowed - I didn’t think they were necessary with the new bumper rules but it can’t hurt.

Yes, thanks GDC. <R14> is now in sync with <R11> and <R07>.

I’m very happy about the addition of grease to the allowed minibot components, as well as the option of switching fuses. These are both great changes to the rules.

Great update!

Clarified hanging, specified additional ports we can use between cRIO and DS, exempted fastener/rivet heads from FRAME PERIMETER restrictions :D, defined publicly-available, team-created software as COTS and allows us to use different fuses, solder, crimp connectors, PVC fittings, grease and non-functional decorations on Minibot.

Immediately following that is the RS775-18 part number, which would make both the 12v and 18v versions legal.

Wow, I missed the minibot part completely - that’s quite nice.

Anyone got a recommendation for a 2 amp fuse?

Love this:

<R14> When a ROBOT is in its STARTING CONFIGURATION, no part of the ROBOT shall extend
outside the vertical projection of the FRAME PERIMETER (with the exception of minor protrusions
such as bolt heads, fastener ends, rivets, etc).


I’m clearly missing something, what was the point of the R14 change and why is everyone a fan of the change?

You have an upper frame. It is the same size as the frame in the area of the Frame Perimeter. You have one bolt that sticks out over the frame perimeter.

Previously, you would not have been allowed to compete. Now, you are. It’s the same change they made last year in like Week 4 or 5 of build, IIRC.

Not to be a stickler…but no, they didn’t make the change last year… This is all almost everyone was asking for…but the GDC stuck to their original wording and teams had to add creative shims all around their robot to comply with the rules…

Let’s see if I am thinking what you are thinking.

You use all the power the motors give you, climp up the pole, hit the top burn out the fuse and replace after match and redo next match and so forth?

Cheaper and easier to replace a blown fuse then to have another switch on the bot to bring it back down. The issue I have of placing a switch on the bot to bring it back down the pole is, what if that switch trips or something, then you will not reach the top that match.

The BEST part of this entire update for everyone is

DD. Non-functional decorations.

174 1/2 can finally get pimped out now.

Hey, thats a good idea. Thanks.

I was thinking the same thing…

…but we have to be careful that the fuse fries before the motors do, don’t we?

That said, playing around with the MINIBOT (and not having yet found that super-optimal gearing), we have found that even somewhat significant weight changes (.5 lbs or so) seem to have almost no effect on the climb rate…

This might well change when we find that ‘optimal gearing’, of course.

Wouldn’t it still not pass initial inspection during the box test? Or is that what they are altering?