Team Update 5


  • The airship was reversed in the game animation and render in 2-1, which has been replaced with a CAD render.
  • There’s a update for WPIlib for C++ and Java
  • Slight errors in team versions
  • Some clarifications on bumper backings with frame perimeters
  • More rope rules (everyone’s favorite…)

I wonder if the “retaining feature” can be an item to which the rope is tied

no, an item that meets I04-E must also meet I04-D. if the item is comprised of rope legal materials, it may be tied to the main body of the rope, but all other rules still apply.

The two inches in I04 E is huge for teams using small line. Rather than a monkey’s fist or other huge stopper, you can now tie a bowline, lark’s head or other knot with one or more loops, as long as you ensure the loops are small enough.