Team Update #6

So, this rule update seems to be the LEAST vague of any update so far (the update can be found here.)

Anyone else have any thoughts on the matter? Like why FIRST even bothered releasing an update? My theory is that somebody either got bored or was fired and did it out of spite (muahahaha) :smiley:

At least we know there nothing new to the rules.

This is just good practice. FIRST said they’d release a team update each Tuesday and Friday so they are. It’s nice to know that there are no changes vs. wondering if they missed an update.

I take it that you guys didn’t highlight the page and see the white colored text explaining how to get bonus points… :wink:

This post intentionally left blank.

Highlight this post.

i dont understand… i highlighted it but all that happened was the N in No dissipated and the ch changed to an r.

what does it mean???

It means Dave Lavery isn’t on the Game Design Committee this year. If he were, you probably would have found a banana instead.