Team Update 6


  • Stop posting duplicate questions!
  • There’s only one string of LEDs in the steam pipe.
  • It’s week three, and it looks like FIRST is STILL refining field designs.
  • Shenzen and Champ practice fields will not be official FIRST fields (presumably AM fields)
  • Despite being in the rules already, there’s now another place that says there can be only two people in the airship.
  • While turning a gear to score it, if you leave it idle for 10 seconds before the three rotations, it resets to zero. (this also affected Q82, and has been updated)
  • Touchpads are likely to break at 75 lbs of force.
  • You can now legally grab your own rope.
  • Apparently the touchpad dome likes to come unseated, and is no longer a foul if you do so.
  • You can now use protrusions that can pose hazards to team supplied ropes.
  • More rope rules: Now knitted, crocheted, intertwined ropes are legal. I can’t wait for my knitted industrial rope!


Another team update, another change in the definition of a rope

Calling all grandmas! We need 3000 crocheted ropes for team’s!

We have our rope picked out.

I came up with Q82, hoping that one could defer finishing a lower numbered rotor and do most of the rotations on higher numbered rotors with non-preinstalled gears, so that when more gears arrived, you could ‘finish off’ more than one rotor without having to turn all of them three times. In other words, before starting #2, put gears on #3 and give it 2+ rotations, then move the gears back to #2 to give it three rotations. When the last needed gear for #3 arrives late in the match, only a 1 (or less) rotations are needed there. So much for that idea, unless you can squeeze it in the 10 second window.

What if I want to macrame a rope?

To save everyone a click on what was changed on the field drawings:

They added this clamping collarand a 1/4-20 bolt to the spring. The bolt protrudes approx 1.31" into the spring and has a nylock nut (4 inch bolt and the thickness of GE-17048 is 2.69")

Changes highlighted in yellow based on drawing note (Didn’t save the old version to compare myself)


This is just getting silly.

Slight misinterpretation. Specifically, prior to this TU, [G15-H] included all ROPES, including team-supplied, with no guidelines around what constitutes damage instead of wear and tear.

Now we are allowed to damage our own ropes so long as the damage doesn’t cause any fragment of the rope to litter the field. This is a very positive change from a referee, inspector and a team perspective.

“If a GEAR set corresponding to the next sequential unengaged ROTOR remains idle for more than ten (10) seconds, the rotation count resets to zero (0).”

Does this pretty much mean you have to go in order now? Can’t see why you would go out of order anyways but I think this pretty much says go in order it you have to start over.

Hooray! It also wastes the time of the thousands of people who read all of the answers as they are posted. ::rtm::

You’ve always had to go in order.

What rule is that?

Just below Figure 3-12.

Yes. It would be nice if people remembered to quote the rules when they make definitive statements about those rules.

It would also be nice if people read the rules thoroughly. Its not up to me to hand feed them. I gave them a reason to go look at the rules again, so they could learn.

Sure. It was correct in this case so we could have just left it at that. If it was incorrect, plenty of people would have corrected it. Such is CD.

I’m so glad to know that I can just come on here and trust anything I read about the game so long as no one has come along to correct it yet.

I’ll admit: in my numerous re-readings of the 2017 manual, I missed the caption below a figure that explicitly states the rotors must be engaged in order, as did a few others in this thread.
And we’re the ‘good ones’.

Aside from the occasional “do we have a weight requirement this year??” silliness, I’ll refrain from ordering people to ::rtm::.

By not citing the actual rule, or in this case a caption in the rule book, it forces someone to do research into it. I don’t need to tell someone to read the manual, I can give them a reason to by giving them information that they need to verify. Don’t just hand your students the answer make them work for it and they’ll remember it more. At least that’s what all my teachers, that I would consider good, did for me.