Team Update 6

This has actual content and yet it’s somehow more boring than Update 5…


I don’t know about that, the section 4.10 update looks very headache inducing to me. Hopefully FIRST provides a template with each field to get those angles right.

Boring? Let’s see, answered three questions (Q227, Q222, and Q144 which was ten days old), changed the definition of robot, published the BOM template and Robot Lockup form as well as updated the Radio Config tool and VR options. Oh, and labeled a crucial table.

Does this mean if it doesn’t move…it’s not a robot???

Sounds like it just needs the systems to move. So you can not move and still be a robot if there was a way that your robot could move but it doesn’t.

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In 2015, I recall an Israeli team who built a conveyor bot with no drive train. But it’s rather difficult to score any points this year if the frame perimeter stays within the HAB all match…perhaps an offensive version of wallbot… nah.