Team Update 6

No rules changes, just clarification on the COF and the appropriate use of the Q/A forums.

Surprised they have not issued a more revised bumper clarification update. I don’t expect every team to have read the entire Q&A on the subject or CD. Anyone think there will be illegal bumper configurations come competition time?

There’s always a number of teams with illegal robots for one reason to another. The more pertinent question is how many teams will show up with illegal bumpers.

On the other hand… if teams can’t understand the bumper policies (and I agree that we need some serious clarification and pronto), then inspectors won’t be able to either. Yay?

As long as they misunderstand in your favor, OK. Otherwise … :ahh: (Be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.)

Ok, enough with the bumper complaints. The rules clearly specify bumper configuration. Q&A issues individual questions. There has been no ambiguity in the rules. There isn’t going to be anymore bumper rule clarifications. I know the rules, you know the rules. Now engineer around them. If your hoping for anything more, you are simply asking for too much from the GDC.

I agree with Molten. They have given us the constraints and we must follow them. They may not be specific constraints but that makes things more interesting. I would hope that every inspector at every regional has a full understanding of every rule. And I hope the inspectors will be consistent with the rules from regional to regional. I believe the GDC is done with giving us more bumper guidelines.

I second that. If bumpers are your number one concern right now, you are focused on the wrong part of the build season.

There will probably be varying interpretations on the rules again from inspectors, especially bumpers and what is considered sufficient backing for them. This has happened last season where at one regional they were legal, but the next, not legal.
I just hope no one who has tried to follow them, misinterpret what is legal, and gets disqualified as a result. still wondering about the 295 frame legality*

Nothing about how the trailers of no-show robots are dealt with. It affects autonomous strategy.

Thanks. That’s the resolution I expected. It makes perfect sense.

Misunderstand? Why not positively reason? I don’t see why what people on Chiefdelphi have “agreed on” as an ultimatum has to be what the GDC has interpreted as the intent of their rules.