Team Update 7

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Be still my heart - no I04 ROPE rule changes!

Just a couple wording changes, and diagrams about not touching an opponent’s ROPE.

G20 provides three examples of violations.

It appears if Red Robot contacts Blue Robot as Blue Robot is contacting Blue Rope, so long as Red Robot does not contact Blue Rope, there is no foul. Is this correct? Seems like a decent way to futz with teams trying to climb, albeit risky.


Nope, see G07. I’m not sure why they’re so far apart in the manual.

Wow, I totally missed that. Odd that they are so far apart. Thank you.


Huzzah, the whole gear installation order thing is finally cleared up. you can put them down in whatever order you like, it’s just the rotors only start in order.

Hmm, just read the fine print for the violation of [G7] & [G20]. Does that mean a robot which was contacted on the way up a rope, which still continues its climb and successfully triggers the touchpad, will net 2 climbs in points due to the foul and its own touchpad triggering?

I’d assume it would function in a way similar to last year, where the foul causes the touchpad to be triggered. As a result, because it is already “triggered,” it can not be triggered again by the actual robot itself.

From kickoff I imagined this would be and “and 1” situation

This is clarified in Q and A 282

Yes you get an extra climb as long as you have an untriggered touchpad.

They’re far apart because the game rules are organized by what the robot’s interacting with; in this case, G07 is robot-robot and G20 is robot-field. It’s convenient when you’re trying to find a specific rule, but doesn’t make for a very cohesive read.

That is correct Jesse up to a maximum of three (3) climbs. Only Un-triggered touch pads will be given a ‘free’ climb. So come and hit when I’m climbing and I’ll gladly take an extra 40 points.:slight_smile:

50 points

If a red robot touches a blue robot while it’s touching a rope, the touchpad corresponding to that rope is triggered. Is there anything preventing that blue robot from moving to another rope and climbing that one (if they use the field rope or compatible)? Then an alliance with only one climbing robot could get two climbs.

I find it some what funny that last year rules allowed robots to plow through the driver station during autonomous with no penalty and this year damaged to touch pad is a foul regardless of force. (Yes I know I am overstating this. Please insert the satirical irony icon if you can find it)

Bad things happen when you fall behind on your Q&A reading

The Q&A is an awesome thing. It’s like an appendix to the Game Manual. (If you don’t mind sifting through duplicate questions.)