Team Update #7

… is out.

Nothing really major, just an announcement on 5th Gear and some things that hadn’t been added yet and should have been, like the kids under 12 rule.

Don’t forget the new rule - R82.1. The corresponding document hasn’t been published yet but it looks like there is a required rework for Driver Station ESD immunity.


Best update so far ^^

I like how they’ve clarified the rules on the trailer hitch placement and it’s need to be removable. It’s something that we assumed for a while but you know what they say about assuming things :wink:

Thanks Eric.

I’m trying to install the simulator right now, on Vista. It requires dotnextfx 3.5 SP1, and the simulator isntaller tries to auto-install it for us. The installer just sat there for 15 minutes for me, so here’s the link to manually install it:

More updates to come!

Thanks for posting this. I am going to try the simulator right now.

Mine did the same thing, but it eventually does start up in the background.

Sorry, but where do you download it?:o

Thank you, I didn’t see the links on the side at first.

Why is there a link to it then?? Seems silly to make a rule without providing the “this is how you have to do it” explanation.

Yeah, the .NET framework is taking forever, but I’m assuming it’s still running.

EDIT: I urge that people be patient with the first part. It takes a while to work, but it works out in bout half an hour.

Agreed. It’s posted now. It was up about 3 hours after the Update. Which means that FIRST managed to post the docs for a presumably vital ESD protection procedure about 3 hours after a link to the silly 5th Gear simulation software. But given that it took until the 4th week of build and several months after the release of the hardware for them to even notice the problem… That might not be too bad.

To be fair, they’ve known about the ESD problem since the end of week 2 (if not before)…still not particularly soon after the release of the system, of course. At that point, they were trying to figure out what to do about it—I guess this is the answer.

I think they need to go back, hit the “Accept all Revisions” button, and reprint the PDF.


FYI - Let’s use this Thread for 2009 5th Gear discussions on Chief Delphi (5th Gear thread)

Blake (One of the 5th Gear developers)

Does anyone know how to play it? I got it set up, but all I can do is fly around while the orbit balls are thrown onto the field. No robots.

Sir! - You wound me! :wink:

Profuse apologies, my good man. No slight intended to your good name or works. I merely wished to point out the somewhat odd priorities in evidence at the FIRST website. Namely, that software to simulate virtual robots was made available prior to instructions to preserve actual robots from harm.