Team Update #9

Update 9 is now released.

Servos are not limited to 2 any longer.

Christ Hibner’s post sums up my thoughts on the new servo ruling.

I concur. I like having more servos. Heck, I advocated this very rule in my feedback to FIRST after the last season. BUT IT IS THE BEGINNING OF WEEK #5!

Why now?

I am flabbergasted.

Joe J.

P.S. I know that FIRST has a lot on its plate and I don’t mean to criticize. Even so, this is case where some folks can legitimately claim to have been put at a significant disadvantage.

P.P.S. Many have advocated that FIRST should release kit related rules prior to kickoff so that the can be noodled out before the pressure of the 6 weeks makes us more likely to get hot under the collar. The $200 electronic limit (now $300), the $3500 limit (now effectively $4000+ due to exclusion of Victors), the servo is electronics limit (then changed to the servo is a motor limit, now limited only by the $3500, er ah $4000+ limit), etc, I really think that these things can be worked out before the kickoff.

I think there’s a growing consensus (or maybe it’s just me) that we need consistent rules even if they aren’t the best rules possible. I think it’s easier for many people to live with a rule they find unfair than with a situation where a rule was changed such that it becomes unfair (the unfairness deriving from the fact that the rule was changed at all). This isn’t the first time FIRST has had problems with inconsistent rulings and unfortunately I don’t think it’ll be the last.