Team Updates should be called Rule Updates

Team Updates, those twice-a-week announcements containing revisions to the game manual and related documentation, should instead be named Rule Updates.

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Could take a number from a lot of other games and call them “Erratas and FAQ’s”

Errata has my vote but a rename does seem like a simple and effective change to make things more clear.

It’s GDC logic - twice a week, teams are updated into entities trying to follow (or bypass) a slightly different set of rules. Though this is a bit different definition of team than would be found in most dictionaries, so they probably should add TEAM to the glossary.

English teachers everywhere are weeping.

It was originally called a Team Update back in the day when the blog posts and rule changes were physically mailed to teams.

My wife makes fun of me for calling it a checkings account.


I support this proposed change. Or perhaps a middle ground of “Team and Rule Updates”

This season they missed a great opportunity to call them “Patch Notes”.

Not that I often agree with Sean, but I agree with this one.

Well between you, Sean, Matt, and I all in agreement, I’d say this one is a no-brainer. Let’s see if it gets implemented.

Would they have to issue a Team Update to implement the change?

Patch 13 notes


  • Teams that discounted drive-bys as a viable method of scoring in the switch


  • Teams that have front-facing intakes that prevent them from touching the switch fence with their bumpers, and are only capable of scoring forwards


  • Power cubes should now be placed logo-side-down to be more consistently sensed by the field