Team Webmasters

Hey just wondering if any of you people are webmasters for your team … if you have a team site post the URL here … I made one for our team you can see it at let me know what ya think

(Keep It Simple, STUPID)

And yes, I’m webmaster.

mike, just a small detail i noticed, isn’t the field 24x48? the page says 20x60 otherwise, looks good :slight_smile:

Team 5’s Web Page!! This is my team’s, but they have done nothing w/ it. They have been really, really busy, and the engineers want to review it before i up-load it. When it is uploaded, it will kinda look like microsoft’s web page!

P.S. This was very-very simple, in my opnion (sp) K.I.S.S.!!

The site is optimized for IE 5.0+ in 800x600 or higher resolutions.

Comments are welcome :slight_smile:

Team 116
Not the webmaster, but he dosn’t dephi. (its a verb:D)

Our new web site is up. Check it out —>The Robocards new web page