Team Webpage

I was wondering, when you visit a team’s webpage what are looking for? what do you want to see? I keep team 151’s web page updated and am no longer sure what i should put on. I would appreciate it if you could give me some feedback.


the website is

maybe stuff about your team members, sponsors, contact info, team history, community impact. just different stuff. I’m in the process of redesigning ours. so some of the stuff that i said may not be on the site yet. i’m still in the process of of getting everything up and running.

Check our site:

Maybe it sounds like boasting but I have a section in my team webpage of news clippings of our team over the years. It kinda gives the visitor different perspectives (media vs. ourselves) of the game and our team.

The most important thing I look for on a Webpage is the time it was last updated. I like to know how old the information is on a site when it says something like breaking news or something like that. The second most important thing is Pictures wheather it be of the robot itself, or a competition.

If you have any post-season competitions, you might want to put info on those there.