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I am the web master for MarsWars team 4143. we just finished our rookie season, and now that i have a bit of time i am trying to improve our website. this is the first website that i have designed and i am not a programmer. I am using Weebly to host and design the site. I am looking for tips on how to make the website smoother and more aesthetically pleasing.

the url is


thanks for any input.

I really like your front page and your sponsor pages! However, there is something strange going on with your toolbar… When you scroll over an option, the menu for the option below it slides out?

I have a suggestion about photos. If you could put a 2012 tab in your dropdown menu, it would be good for future years. But also, instead of having links (like to your build season and regional) you could use pictures to make it more aesthetically pleasing. Taking a descriptive picture from that gallery, overlaying some text on it like “Build Season” or something, and making it link to that gallery when you click on it. A row of those would probably look better than a couple links. You could probably do something similar with the videos?

Also, with the videos, it’s really nice to have all your matches embedded in one place. My one worry is that it will take forever to load for people with a slow connection.

I’ll keep looking around. It’s really nice!

I would suggest picking a non-standard font and use it for everything your team does. The body doesn’t have to be this font, but Make headings and titles in it. We have a font we use on everything, even our robot bumpers. You also might want to work on the tabs, they are a little bit off, like when you are on pictures, the 2012 menu shows up too low. Other than that it is a really nice website, feel free to look at ours if you need some inspiration.

Here’s a few of my passing thoughts,

I like your homepage, well laid out with the top navbar and large center photo. Although there is a lot of infomation on there, maybe a bit too much. You have a lot of add-on widgets and while I liked the countdown to kickoff one, i found the globe with the recent hit (showing my home city) and little creepy. Also, one thing website judges look for is whether they can quickly find your team name, number, physical location (city, state and/or school) and a link to the FIRST homepage. Maybe try incorporating those elements (along with your logo) in a larger way.

On your menu bar each submenu drops down a level, which is a little odd. I thought you had a lovely media section with a clean photo layout and good youtube embedding. I thought it was a little confusing that your documents page wasn’t with your Resources Page. Perhaps reorganize to where the Documents page is under Resources and the Resources tab has a page called links (which includes links to FIRST, CD and more if you want to add them).

Your “Game” Section seemed to have all the right information about Rebound Rumble, so nice job on that. You might want to add an “About FIRST” page that gives more detail to the user than having to navigate to the FIRST site (and therefore away from yours). I like how your Sponsors gave a lot of information about each one. With each section I would include a link to that Sponsors homepage. While the ‘Join the Team’ is yet to be filled in, it is well focused and I am sure Dean would like the Light bulb ad. Your contact us page is also detailed and the google maps inset is always a nice touch. The homage to your friend teams in a kind addition.

Excellent website mate! Great work, and you should be proud.

I found the drop down menus a bit annoying, just because there was that gap between the origin and the actual menu, if that makes sense.

Try to make this YOUR website. One of the things that I have been working on really hard for my team’s website is to make it not just a website for the team, but one that every individual is proud to be on. When you visit it, we try to make you feel like you know the team a bit more, not know about. This can be achieved by adding a page about your team members, or about your robot. Just make me feel like I know you a bit more.

You have a lot of add-on widgets and while I liked the countdown to kickoff one, i found the globe with the recent hit (showing my home city) and little creepy

Love the globe! Not really sure if I find it creepy that you ‘know where I am’ but its absolutely fantastic that you guys decided to try it. Keep utilising things like Google Earth on your website, as they look great!

Hope that helps!