Team Website

I need help designing our team website. This is the first year that we are trying to make one can some of you take a look at it. It is still missing a couple things can you tell me what i should add and what to improve?

thank you very much

I think the background texture/paper/etc will work out pretty nicely.

Most blaring thing I see is fonts and lack of a coherent organization in presenting the text.

I would start out by picking one serif and one sans-serif and using them.

Pick if you’re going to use serif or sans-serif for the main/menu/etc text.

The other (serif if you chose sans-serif earlier) should be used for captions or headings, etc. Go read a newspaper to see what I mean.

I would also toy with font sizes and what is the most effective

And I don’t think you need to do blue-background, yellew-text! Use bolds and italics instead. Don’t shove some information more than the person wants to find it!

I think this site has GREAT potential!

team 2502

Good morning!

Well first off, I really love that design. It’s actually given me an idea for something. I think you really need to change the “Welcome From Waipahu! :)” to something other than those colors. Like Keehun said, I suggest just some text decoration such just using Bold and italics. Then again just like he said, work on being consistent throughout the website with your fonts. I don’t know if this is just my taste or not, but I’m not sure if I like the menu colors like the pop out menu. That’s probably just my taste though. Overall, nice site!

Thank you for the advice it was really helpful.