Team Websites!!

Since we are relatively new to the game, we wanna see what you guys are like. Comment the link and we’ll check you out. :smiley:

We’re at

Sadly, due to our school’s firewall, it blocks the CSS sheets to your site and it loses all of its formatting.

There’s an entire sub-forum dedicated to this. It’s a good place to get some ideas.

Also, our team website is located in my signature. Check it out!

Nice work.

Ours is in my signature. It is a work in progress as we recently switched to a blog format for the front page.

Ours is We recently redid ours also. We won the website award at GKCR last year.

In my signature. I’ll take suggestions if you got them.

I like your website Rachel. Maybe you could post videos or pictures about your designs etc.

Very nicely done website! Ours is, and we won best website at the Connecticut Regional last year.

Here’s ours, a pretty nice site in my humble opinion.