Team Youtube Channels

I run our team’s Youtube channel and i am looking to subscribe to other team’s channels to find out what other teams are doing and as means of communication

Here is our teams

if others could post theirs so i can subscribe, that would be great

and PS Please watch and comment on our full length Documentary about last season

Our channel is

862’s channel:

Team 604’s YouTube page:

Team 1726:

Currently over a hundred videos… they accumulate fast!

Haven’t updated it recently, but eventually planning to upload a lot of stuff to it. :slight_smile:

Team 1817 - RoboRaiders’s Channel:

We have twoish channels…

Our development log:

Our team channel:

Neither one has been updated in a little while, but they will soon!! along with our website as well (see below in sig)

Actually I’d like to thank you for this idea, unless your opposed to my using it, I’d like to bring it up at our next meeting and I see potential sponsorship from advertising this way.

We heavily use our youtube channel for sponsorship and recruitment, its part of our main strategy

We find most schools block youtube access.

Therefore, we post on vimeo here’s the DiscoBots Vimeo account.

Team 2502 has a Vimeo Account. You guys should check out Vimeo… Microsoft to Apple is Youtube to Vimeo. More pompous ego, but way better “quality” :slight_smile:

and here

yes i do believe utilizing this is a great idea for marketing our teams channel is hfl robotics

Watch videos, leave comments, and please subscribe! :slight_smile:

Team 2207’s YouTube channel:

We don’t have videos from this year on there yet, as we’ve been catching up on previous years and spending a LOT of time working on rebuilding our website, but there will be some soonish.

Team 3132’s Channel - FIRST in Australia


Team 2200’s Youtube channel is…