TEAM1504 Final

Here is our final reveal during our Media night. Still in production at the beginning of the video, you can see the arm being operated by hand. By the end of the video you can see the fully working, less tweeking Team1504 robot… “Pneuman”

Next stop Finals at Kettering. Who’s on wants to ally with us?



Mechanum drive, Andy Mark nano trans
Articulated arm, Pneumatically controlled
Gyroscopic Waddle drive
maximum allow air storage
Dual Minibots for co-opertition
Pneumatic Minibot deployer.
Special autonomous awesome sauce

I am really impressed with what we were able to build this year. Simple, elegant and effective, this is one of my favorite robots to have been a part of (though I didn’t touch a tool). The focus and determination every team member showed this season was awesome. I have never been a part of a team where so many people were on the same page at all times. I think that this will be a great season, and I am really excited to play with all the great teams at Kettering, Ann Arbor and hopefully Ypsilanti and St. Louis.

Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

We have done a lot of planning and used task sheets more than ever to stay on track each session. Wiggio has turned out to be pretty kewl if everybody uses it. Certainly helped us to work on the CAD drawings while one is in Lansing and the other was in Williamston. Our welder Alden Enterprises is the best welding I have ever seen, short of a robotic weld!. We actually have spares this year and I even considered bring camp chairs for the pits. Yeah I think we are going to be that smooth this year.

push button=score I like our programmers. ::safety::


I posted on Chief Delphi and all I got was spam…Lulz

Oh the irony, since I work in the Internet industry. Fighting Spam.

Hmm… didn’t the cap on air storage get removed this year?