Team1839 sticker

At the regional insted of buttons we have our yearly sticker. This is this years.

The thumbnail looks cool, though.

If you click on it dose it bring it up?

Negative, picture does not show when clicked on.

it should work now

There now appears to be no attachment. Maybe you can just upload it to CD-Media?

Finaly got it up, It doesn’t work if its cmyk(good stuff to know)

Thats a pretty cool sticker

its cool but i think that print color and monitor colors are completly diffrent so you might get REALLY dark stickers but they are sweet

No there fine, there really isn’t much of a difference. We have already had them printed.

Even thought monitor color(rgb) and print color(cmyk) are different your computer emulates the colors so they look the same from design to print.

Just make sure when your designing something for print you do it at 300 dpi and have the color mode set for cmyk.

I always save at AT LEAST 700 dpi.
You can always change the dpi down, but trying to make it go higher will only ruin the image.
Definately worth the painful saving/loading times.

Cool sticker, but I’m always a fan of illustrations and solid colors.
Did you print them or did you find a retailer?