This post about #TeamTetherClub](http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=135520) reminded me that I would like to get a list going of the teams that have done a 20 Point Auton in an actual competition match.

I have seen 1519 do it over and over at the Granite State District in Naushua (here is a link to one of the matches where they did it)

Please share your team numbers and a link to a video of them doing it if possible.

Dr. Joe J.

Teams 624( demoed throughout the elims at Dallas) and 148(their reveal video, they didn’t do it at Dallas due to Alfred being ruled illegal) are the teams I can think of off the top of my mind.

2512: Duluth East Daredevils http://youtu.be/K9Z8eQzYMYY?t=2m15s They also control 2 alliance side RCs.
987: High-Rollers

987 did it all weekend, and grab 2 of the 3 RCs alliance side RC’s as well

1114 Seems to be able to do this now…

Team 236 has a 20 point autonomous

343 at Palmetto.

2383 at SFL had a 20 point auto.

While we are yapping about the #Team20PointAuton Club, I am interested in all ya’all’s estimate of the rarity of this particular skill.

For me, I think Week1 this was a 1 in 40 to maybe 1 in 60 skill.

I base this on the fact that it seems that there were ~1 per District or Regional during Week1. I know that there were some with more than one but there were some (many?) with zero.

If I had to guess, I would say by Week5, it is going to be a 1 in 15 or so skill (2-3 per competition) and by Week7 (District Championships), I suppose it will be close to 1 in 8.

What say you?

Dr. Joe J.

1592 has done the 20pt auton.

1310 just got 28 pt auto in GTCR

I think the rarity of the skill will still remain pretty high, and at champs I think you will only see a 20pt. auto ever 2-3 qual. matches.

I can say for our team we had to sacrifice other features for the 20pt. auto ability. And it was definitely not easy to nail down.

I have to agree with this. Hopefully, ours will be on display tomorrow… However, it was difficult to get down. According to our long-time lead programming mentor, it’s “the hardest autonomous routine we’ve ever done.” We made very specific design decisions early in order to make it happen, sacrificing other things.

Team 4003, the TriSonics, completed a 20 point auton in 6 of 8 playoff matches last week at the Howell district event.

The Poofs just did it for the third time today on practice day at CVR.

1629 at Gr Pittsburgh - match #17

Team 2383 did it for almost every match. And team 1592 (Bionic Tigers) seemed to have perfected it for elims. Here is a match where we are against each other -

Team 2383 is on Blue
Team 1592 is on Red

FRC 2054, playing at the FiM Kentwood district this weekend does a 28pt auto.

Here is a link to the video showing our autonomous at Palmetto.

Team 2481 did it throughout elimination matches today with us. It was great to be able to count on them for those 20 points!

They did a great job, their swerve is fantastic (again) and they’ll be a serious competitor in St. Louis.