Team334 e-button to everyone!

To all our friends in the Arhimedes Division at the National-
(and all the other Divisions too)

Team334 must drop out at the last minute because of an administration mass-up and the school principal canned the whole
trip on Wednesday.

Please take care of Team334’s robot while they arrange for
shipment back to NYC.

Attached is the Team334 button they were hoping to share with everyone at the FIRST National Competition.

Enjoy and best wishes to all!

for e-button goto:

Hey 334!! Missed y’all. You would have been our neighbors in the pits. Well, bright side is it meant that we got an extra booth to spread out our junk. Better luck next year!

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that team 334 was not able to make it to the Championship. I am an alumnus and was really looking forward to seeing you guys. Hopefully next year …