#TeamCatapult at the Orange County Regional

On behalf of team 1836: The Milkenknights, I’d like to thank the Orange County Regional staff for hosting an awesome event. I would also like to thank our alliance partners Team 5124: West Torrence Robotics and Rookie team 6072: CdM Robotics Club for being amazing alliance partners and accepting our cheesecake whips (extra 15 inch extensions to make them unblockable) and nae-nae’s (blocking nets). Congratulations to our friends on teams 3309: Friarbots, 3476: Code Orange, and 6220 Build It Griffins Boeing on the regional win. Congratulations to team 2485: WarLords for winning their second Engineering Inspiration award this season and team 2761: Iron Horse Robotics for winning Chairmans for their first time ever. Shout out to the amazing rookie team 5817: Uni-Rex for winning Rookie All-star for the second time this season and just for being an awesome and inspirational team to be around. It was awesome to compete with so many high-level teams, and our entire team had a blast and learned so much. Our entire finalist alliance is very excited to have received Wild Cards, and we are all planning on working together to share design ideas and improve our robots for champs!

A picture of our finalist alliance can be found here:
#TeamCatapult #Teamwhipandnae-nae #Networking #Unblockable

Team 1836 hopes to come back to the Orange County regional next year to compete with all of these amazing teams again!

Congrats MK’s and everyone listed … was a very fun event to witness first hand. That finals was anyone’s game to win two awesome and very smart alliances going head to head. Great Venue. I knew it would be a very close finals and was not disappointed at all.

Actually all the alliances did great even had and elimination TIE that went down to “cleanest match” tiebreaker. Something you don’t see often.

We were on wait list for OC and ended up in CV…no complaints CV was great with FOUR WORLD CHAMPS but OC is so much closer. We would have loved to compete in OC with all the great teams there. I was visualizing us doing so when I was watching full matches thinking what if we did make it in where would we have ranked? A fun thought process. We would have at least scaled hopefully. No scalers I saw were successful at OC.

So many great regional’s in California to choose from.

Anyhow best of luck to all teams , so happy the entire Finalist alliance got in via wildcards. That is so cool. Good luck in the worlds I’ll be cheering all the CA teams on. Many of my favorite teams made it.

MilkenKnights have really grown into a powerhouse team. Such a long way from the red jump suits and cardboard castle.

Thanks rsisk but we still have a long way to go. I also want to talk about #teamunblockableshot our cheesecake passive gravity whips were a creative strategy I have not seen at other regionals. It was fun seeing a uniques net vs whip meta game evolve over the weekend. If you look close at our robots you can see them. These “whips” will definitely make an appearance at worlds as it is an easy way to increase length during a match. They are a piece of plastic balanced straight up that falls down at the beginning of a match.

WCBC, who’s practice field is that? :wink: