Team 133 realized after completing our robot that we had the ability to score a cube on the scale while hanging from the rung, which we have subsequently coined as the “Dunk”.

Even though it is certainly illegal and strategically pointless, we were wondering if any other team had this capability and could join Team Dunk!

We dunked a cube in a practice match at the North Shore Event this past weekend, and were promptly told by the head ref that would be a yellow card during match play, so we obviously didn’t do it again. There isn’t any video of this, but we have a video of us doing it in our practice field.

330 did this to us in one match during Stronghold. Their climber deployed under their shooter, which left the shooter pointing right at the high goal, so one match they were climbing our tower and shot a boulder mid-climb into the middle hole. It was pretty sick (even though we were on the losing side of the match).

I might be able to find a video later…

That was fun, although you scored it on the opponent’s side. Not that it mattered :wink:

We came to a similar conclusion during a match at Kettering Week 0 where we were paired with a robot with ramps. We climbed up the ramps at the endgame and realized that we were almost in a perfect position to raise our arm up and, if we had a cube in it, could have turned slightly and dropped it in the scale.

Not that there would be a ton of practicality to this, but it was interesting nonetheless.

I believe 610 can (or at least has tried to) dunk a cube into their own switch after climbing, inspired by their own 2016 robot’s dunking abilities.

Doesn’t the robot have to be breaking the plane of the Null Zone to launch into the scale?

EDIT: Whoops, you addressed this already!

Why would “dunking” be a violation of the rules. What specifically is wrong about that.

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330 owns #TeamDunk. The rest of us are just visitors.

Because you can’t launch a cube unless you’re breaking the plane of the null territory (for the scale) or the switch. If you’re climbing then you’re on the platform zone.

Can confirm, see previous post, also here’s the video: https://youtu.be/wNhIw7Ur4VM?t=2m42s

How do you know it was the opponent’s side? :stuck_out_tongue:

Up in Canada we call it an Upper-Decker :yikes:

And yes we are looking for a practice day Upper-Decker Ally-oop partner.

Little off from the original idea, but in 2012, 1218 used to always try to grab a few balls before heading towards the bridges. We had a pretty accurate shooter that year so we actually hit a bunch even from the elevated bridge, one was even a buzzer beater to win a match in quals.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see you in Detroit and we can pull off the elusive “Double Dunk” (as we call it here in the States).

…on the practice day of course… :wink: