teams 1 to ???

ok, i had an idea. I start on team 1. each post is about the next team (next post is about team 2). if you can’t find the information about the team, go to the next (so 2 and 3 might not be found, but 4 is still active)

post this information:
team number, name (with link), and one interesting fact

Team 1 – Juggernauts
Has competed for 6 years, and this year competed without a sponsor

Team # 2
Pasadena, TX
Only played one year.

Team Name: ADA Manufacturing and Engineering / Pasadena Independent School District / University of Houston (University Park) & Clearlake Council of Technical Societies

Rookie Year: 1998

1998 N1 - Nationals at Epcot
1998 TX - Texas Regional

This sort of seems like a Chit Chat thread.
If you can’t find a team this will help get you started
(It’s DarkJedi613’s)

Wow.that is an awesome thing there.

I put in my old teams number and it had our new motto (we change it every year) and all of the stuff was right and updated. That is awesome.

Possible Chit-Chat forum material not general?

Well to keeping this going (Cool Idea):

Team Number: 3
Name: Advance Transformer Company & Broadhead HS & Monroe Senior HS
Location: WI, USA
Rookie Year: 1997

From 358’s FIRST Team Lookup.

According to

Team Number: 4
Team Name: Boeing/JPL/LA Valley College/Milken Family Foundation/Roberts Tool Co. & HighTechHigh-LA
From: Lake Balboa, California
Rookie Year: Interestingly enough, 2006.

Won the Southern California regional with 968 and 1138.

Team ID Number: 5
Team Name: Daimler-Chrysler/FIRST Robotics/Ford FIRST Robotics/Independent Donor/ITT Tech & Melvindale High School
Location: Melvindale, MI USA
Team Motto: Subject to Change
Robot Name: Annihilator
Rookie Year: 1998
Team Website:

Team Number: 6
Name: ATK (Alliant Techsystems) & Plymouth Area Schools
Location: Plymouth MN, USA
Motto: Everybody Works - Everybody Drives
Robot Name: Cogsworth
Rookie Year: 1994
2001 IL Finalist

The Cogsquad. I think 2002 was their last year.

Team Number: 7
Team Name: Lockheed Martin/AAI Corporation & Parkville High School and Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Science
Location: Baltimore, MD USA
Team Motto: Bringing Maryland Business Together
Robot Name: Golden Gear
Rookie Year: 1997
How Many Students Participate?: 30
Team Website:

Can we try not to just make this a copy and paste thread from either 358’s Database or the FIRST site, but rather try to add a comment or such at the bottom of the general team info?

Team 8
North Santa Clara County ROP & Palo Alto High School
Location: Palo Alto, CA USA
Team Motto: “Things should be as simple as possible, but not simpler”
Rookie Year: 1996
Team Website:

Team 8 was on the winning alliance with 25, and 987 at the 2006 Las Vegas Regional. They had a good shooter and offense, but impressed us more with their Brutally Offensive Defense. They had a great bot and were a wonderful team to work with.