Teams 120, 503, 883, 1206

Our team is trying to get some preliminary scouting information and have not been able to contact teams 120, 503, 883, 1206. If anyone from those teams could post or e-mail us it would be a really great help. If anyone else knows a way we could contact these teams (website/e-mail) that information would be useful as well.

E-mail: [email protected]

Thank you!
Jessica and Nicole
Team Rush #27
OSMTech Academy and Collins & Aikman

daaa… for the millionth time… Please, use the ‘Team List’ located at the top unter ‘Team’.

I know that the first two have members registered(didn’t take time to look for the rest). You can either pm/email one of the registered members.

PS: <rant>To all teams, as a request on behalf of the ppl that read the CD scouting forums, I know that many teams require their students to pre-scout teams so that they can go to competitions. PLEASE: For next year, re-think that. OR… at least be sure that you don’t need to make a ‘Calling team x’ post on CD.