Teams 1816, 2169 and 2177 Beta Test Open House Live Webcast

Microsoft has generously allowed the use of their Edina, Minnesota Executive Center for a webcasted presentation on the 2012 Beta Testing. The presentation will cover changes in C++, Java and LABVIEW as well as talk about the new hardware including the Microsoft Kinect, the new Jaguar firmware, the 4-Slot cRIO, and the David Relay Module. There will be a Q&A session directly following the presentation. Members of 1816 Green Machine (Edina), 2169 KING TeC (Prior Lake)and 2177 The Robettes (Mendota Heights) will be delivering the presentation. Visit for instructions on how to connect. The webcast will be on Tuesday, December 20th at 5:30 PM central time. If you miss the show, it will be archived on the MN First Website ( If you have any additional topics that you think we should cover please post it in this thread and we will do our best to incorporate it into the presentation.

For any who missed it, the Beta presentation was great last night! It, along with all the other MN Splash presentations, are currently being uploaded so they’ll be available to anyone. You can find all of the links for this year at

Other presentations from this year include:
Build Season Survival Guide/Essentials
Drive Train and Manipulators
Rookie Programming/Libraries/Running the Robot
Electrical Wiring and Pneumatics
LabVIEW/National Instruments
Fundraising/Business Plans & Game Strategy
Programming/Sensors/Beta Test/Kinect
Robot Inspections

The MN Splash has always been an amazing resource for local teams, both veterans and rookies… now it’s a great resource for everyone!

What links? The page doesn’t have any links, it simply states the list of what topics were covered.

Edit: I didn’t catch the, currently being uploaded part.

From what I understand, they’re being uploaded to YouTube (although I could be wrong), and the current waiting period is YouTube’s submission process for long videos - they have to manually look them over to make sure we aren’t uploading copyrighted material.

The MN Splash links via YouTube and wmv files should all be live now. On the MN Regional website.