Teams 341, 910, and 57 seek Your Help!

To the Delphi Community:

Please help **Team 341 **(Miss Daisy), **Team 910 **(Foley Freeze), and **Team 57 **(The Leopards) in their effort to win a **Pepsi Refresh Grant **during September.
We are working together to gain your support. The great news is that you can actually vote for all of us without hurting anyone’s chances. It is a Win-Win for FRC!!

If you go to ----- > and search “Robotics” our projects will all come up.

Even better, just use the info in the next post below

Please help your fellow FRC teams during the month of September.
Thank You very much for your support!!

How to Vote for Teams 341, 910, and 57

Team 341: Build a Mobile Robotics Learning Center for Children
Web Voting and Project Information:

Text to Pepsi at 73774
Body of the message:108631

Team 910: Help fund FIRST Robotics team FRC 910 – The Foley Freeze
Web Voting and Project Information:

Text to Pepsi at 73774
Body of the message: 109024

Team 57: Help Robotics Team make a Difference
Web Voting and Project Information:

Text to Pepsi at 73774
Body of the message: 108285

**“Power Voting” **is another way you can help Teams 341, 910, and 57.

If you buy a Pepsi product with a special “Refresh Everything” or “Refresh Your World” label there is a special code that amounts to a “Power Vote”.
These codes can be entered to give the teams a boost in the voting.

These Power Votes can only be used by one team per code, so just pick your favorite team from the list.

If you don’t want to be bothered with going to the site to enter the codes, then please **PM or email the code to your favorite team. **
Someone from that team can then enter the code for you.
These Power Vote codes can be found inside bottle caps or printed inside the soda packs.

This effort will mean a great deal to the teams. Power votes can be anywhere from 5 to 100 votes each and are only valid through September 30th.
Thank you very much for your support!!

Speaking for team 910, we appreciate the help from all of the Chief Delphi community, and especially 341 and 57. Good Luck you guys. :smiley:

CD Community,

There are so many ways to help a robotics team out. Many of them take a great deal of time, and/or money. Voting for our 3 teams each day using text and Facebook will take a mere few moments of your day.

Set up a contact of Pepsi (73774). Create 3 “quick text” messages (one for each team) 108631, 109024, 108285 and then send (or resend) it every day.

If everyone on Chief Delphi helped us out, we would all zoom to the top of the list.

Many of you are on Facebook. You can go to and choose to sign in thru Facebook. It is quick and easy to vote for us. Everyone will have a “dashboard” that shows you who you voted for previously and allows you to quickly reselect them for voting. Again, it will take one minute of your day to vote.

How often do you get the opportunity to help out 3 different robotics teams without spending ANY money and only moments of your day? You can even help from the comforts of your own home!

Please think about helping us out. No money, just a few moments of your time could add $80,000 to the FIRST community!: :slight_smile:

Only a couple days left. I’m sure these teams would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes and vote.


Thanks to everyone voting for us. Team 57 obtained $5,000 from Pepsi. Thank you all for voting and making this grant possible.

Congratulations Guys!
We actually ended up getting our project funding from the Dow Company.
Thank you DOW!! We can’t wait to get started.

Two more teams are going for pepsi refresh!
team 456 and 3542 both are going for a $5000 grant from pepsi and votes would be greatly appreciated.
vote here (Text in by sending 110147 to 73774)
and here (text in by sending 110142 to 73774)
thanks for all the support!

There is also an FTC team trying for a 10k grant Team 4554 the robomustangs or text 110315 to 73774