Team's 3651 vex robot

You wanted it so I gave it to you, sorry for the delay. Video of our FVC robot from last year.

Interesting design. How did you guys do?

Interesting design. How did you guys do?

Not as good as we thought we would have, a couple thing happened at the competition. 1) The soft-balls were like an ounce heaver than the ones we used to test the arm(and measure how much toque we needed to lift one), so we had to double all of the gears in the arm gear box. 2) At the competition they were having tons of trouble with radio interference so half the time we couldn’t control our robot. But thats just the way it goes.

In the end we had tons of fun and got lots of peps to look at our bot, and we did get first place in the Connect award and second in Inspire.

Thats good to bad your robot didn’t work as well as you had hoped.

Was the lever you used to release the softball strong enough to hang?