Teams 456 and 3542 Pepsi Refresh Projects

Please help Teams 456 and 3542 get much needed funds this year by voting for their Pepsi Refresh Projects!

To vote for Team 456:

or text 110147 to Pepsi (73774)

To vote for Team 3542:

or text 110142 to Pepsi (73774)

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Everyone PLEASE help us out a vote a few times at PEPSI. FRC Teams 456 and 3542 as well at FTC team 4554 are in the running for Pepsi refresh grants. There are only 2 days left after today. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take a second ad give us each a vote. We can win and all really need the funds.

Links and instructions above for FRC 456 and 3542.

FTC 4554’s Pepsi Refresh page is:

TODAY (December 30) is the last day to vote for this month. PLEASE help out your fellow FIRST teams and vote today one last time. Funding is always hard to come by these days and this will really help us out!

To everyone that has been voting: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!