Teams 71, 359, 358, 3256, 3357 and FTC 154

I just wanted to thank and congratulate some teams from Archimedes this year. Unfortunately I couldn’t get the time off of work to go to Atlanta but our team’s success this year was only possible with the help of some of the other teams.

358, thanks for the scouting data. Having such a small group travel to Atlanta and having to support both our FRC team and our FTC team we didn’t have many people left who could scout. 358 helped us out for a second time this year (they also gave us scouting info at WPI) by giving us their scouting info so we could make informed picks. Your information was immediately helpful at the two competitions, and seeing how your team does scouting will help us as we develop our program going forward.

71, and 359, thank you for playing with us in the elimination rounds, unfortunately our alliance was short lived. However giving our students the change to work with two teams that are succesful every year and are from two very different regions than ours was a great experience. I would particularly like to thank the coach of 359, I was told that you were a very good presence in our alliance and I know you left a lasting impact on our pit crew and drive teams. I hope that we get to work with both of your teams again.

Congratulations to 3256 and 3357, once again I wasn’t in Atlanta but I spent pleanty of time on the phone with the team. One of the things that impressed our mentors and students the most was how successful you guys were. It was great to see 3 extremely talented rookie teams in the division, It was even cooler that we were all pit neighbors. I am sure that this will not be the last year that we see each other at the championship event.

FTC team 154, it is amazing to see a team from RI make it as far as you guys did, Championship finalists is an amazing achievement. Thank you for accepting our (FTC 657) invitation to join our alliance at the RI state competition and thank you for picking our sister team (FTC 3971) with the second pick at the competition, it was great working with you guys, I hope you make the jump to FRC soon, It would be awesome to add yet another competitive FRC team from RI.

Finally I would like to thank and congratulate our students on FRC 3280, FTC 657 and FTC 3971, I have worked with 5 FRC teams, and mentored multiple FTC and FLL team, however I have never seen a group of students as willing to learn, help and get things done as you guys were. This season we won a total of 10 Awards 7 in FRC (3 at WPI, 3 at Boston, and 1 in Atlanta) and 3 in FTC. I know that you guys have nothing to compare this season to but trust me, it is an amazing feat to accomplish what you guys have accomplished as rookies. Thank you for all the work you guys put in this season, and be prepared to continue the hard work, It only gets harder from here.

Hey, Iain from 358 here. I was glad to help you guys out with your scouting- scouting isn’t an easy job even under the best of circumstances, and with the size of the team you were able to bring to finals, your priorities definitely have to lie elsewhere. (I didn’t know you had an FTC team there, too!) I was just glad that, since 358 didn’t progress to the elimination rounds, someone was able to make use of the (very, very rough) data I collected.

I won’t be around next year, most likely, but I worked with the team’s new head scouter, and he’s got some good instincts. I hope we can work together again in the future!