Teams around Anaheim?

I’m interning at Disneyland for the summer/fall, and I’m looking for teams in the Anaheim area to network with, and maybe help me with a summer robotics project.

I know that there are the Aztechs in Anaheim, but for some reason the map is acting up so I can’t find other local teams. Is anyone on CD from the area? If not, who would be the best people to contact?

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I went on and found the teams in California here.

You could look and see if you find any teams around Anaheim that you could work with

Disney Imagineering sponsors several teams (207 and 1515 come to mind), but team 1438 is the only one in Anaheim itself. Irvine’s 2496 and 1047 are relatively close, as is rookie 3001 (Santa Fe Springs). 1669 is in Long Beach, not too far away.

Note that all these teams are less than an hour away in good traffic and who knows how long in bad traffic!

I’m not from the area (I’m in the Los Angeles area, not too far away), but I do know some of the teams and some of the area.

WDI is based up in Glendale, so the teams they sponsor are probably not nearby to Anaheim. 1515 is from Beverly Hills, aren’t they?

And 207 is from Hawthorne. I think there are one or two others, but they’re in the L.A. area too. It’s not terribly far–half an hour or so in decent traffic, each way, from my house to Garden Grove, which is directly south of Anaheim–but it’s still not something I’d necessarily take every day.

What’s your transportation situation, Dan? That can have an effect on which teams are close enough to network with.

968 is about a 35 minute drive from Anaheim.

Hey, I’m from 2496 in Irvine. We’re pretty close by, and if you need anything we are available. As far as transportation goes, I can’t imagine that would be a problem. A 15-25 minute drive at most. Send me a message.

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I’m with 207, we’re about 30 minutes away in good traffic. Of the disney teams, we would be the closest. 1515 is in beverly hills and 2659 our newest team, is up in mission hills.