Teams at Champs Supporting Trans and Other LGBTQ+ Youth and Adults

If your team intends to provide a safe and supportive environment for Trans and other LGBTQ+ youth and adults at Champs this week, please stop by the pit of team 1339, where you can take several actions:

  • Help us identify teams and pits where LGBTQ+ can be safe. We will be marking and discretely distributing pit maps so you can find a harbor no matter what division you are in.
  • Make a custom ribbon in support of trans and all LGBTQ+ folk to wear on your identification badge. We have a number stamp so your team number can be used.
  • Network with us! We can help point you to resources, and you can help us with that too.

Mr. N


What division are you guys on? I will have to stop by and get a badge tag.

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To my knowledge their Division will be released Monday

Hello everyone,

I would also like to say that FRC Team 2714: BBQ and myself will be handing out about 500 mini progressive pride flags and 500 mini transgender pride flags. 300 of each will be available at BBQ’s pit and the rest will be with me.

If your team wants to show support for transgender and LGBTQ+ students, mentors, alumni and, volunteers, I have 20 transgender 3 feet by 5 feet pride flags I am willing to give to teams to hang up in your pit. If your team is interested, please DM me and I will deliver them on Wednesday of Champs to your teams pit.

Thank you all and see you at Champs!

  • Nova R. (Your local themby of chaos)

We’ll have pride bows at our pit, Degrees of Freedom 6413 in Curie!


The Rainbow STEM Alliance will also have a progressive pride flag for every FRC and FTC team at the FIRST Championship, and will be having LGBTQ+ of FIRST staff/ LGBTQ+ of FIRST partner teams/ Rainbow STEM Alliance members and friends helping to distribute these to every team on Wednesday! With over 800 teams in attendance, it’s a big goal, but I’m super excited for it! Our flags will also have a description of what the progress pride flag is as some of my international friends let me know it’s not well known out side of the USA.

We will also have the RSA pronoun pins available for free at our booth in Scholarship Row on Thursday and Friday, as well as additional LGBTQ+ of FIRST pins. LGBTQ+ of FIRST partner teams, and staff, who are in attendance will also have LGBTQ+ of FIRST pins available (while supplies last)

@mrnoble thank you for creating this thread, and the awesome work you and your team continue to do to support queer people in FIRST!


I know this is meant for teams, but I would also love to wear one to show support from the sidelines! I don’t know my field assignment until Thursday, but if it’s okay with your team I’d love to try and stop by to grab one! I also need plan on wearing my Demisexual frog pin as my little way to show support for those around me!


Thanks for doing this. I’m a progressive, educated, reasonably well informed person living in the U.S. and I haven’t ever seen an explanation of this specific version of the flag. I’m familiar with the traditional pride flag and the trans flag, but can’t say I knew what the “progress pride flag” was till I scrolled and saw the picture of your post.

I appreciate you proactively explaining it as I think far too often, the fear of not knowing prevents people from asking questions and learning. Kudos.


I know that this is a year late, but do you guys plan on bringing this back for Champs this year? If so, I’d be interested in stopping by to get one!


Yes, we need to find a better solution for the ink on the ribbons, as last year it ran pretty badly, but we are indeed going to have merch of some sort in our pit.


Thanks for doing this, I will be stopping by :slight_smile:

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