Teams at Pittsburgh Regional Event

I noticed that Pittsburgh only has 40 teams allocated / signed up. In previous years it seems they have had closer to 50 something.

Have they cut down the size of the regional? It seems late to still have people wait-listed. And it also looks like some teams have dropped off and joined in the last few weeks.

I was trying to do some early scouting and wondering what to expect this year.

It looks like they still have 4 open slots, so that would indicate there isn’t any waitlist.

There are conflicts with several somewhat drivable events that have probably cut down on the potential attendees: Finger Lake Regional, Tech Valley Regional, Central Illinois.
You’d have to look at where last year’s attendees were from and where they are going this year instead.

Many of the teams who attend the regional are from NY and OH, so with conflicting closer regionals to them, it leaves few teams from those areas coming to Pittsburgh. Most Pittsburgh teams are attending the regional.

I believe that the Finger Lake Regional and Tech Valley Regional are preventing NY and Eastern PA teams from coming. However, there are, interestingly, teams from China, Hawaii, and Florida coming this year that will make this year quite interesting :slight_smile: I myself look forward to meeting the Chinese teams

Yeah as everyone else said beforehand the amount of conflicting events is making it hard for those teams outside the general area to make the drive. I am excited to see the Hawaiian Kids and the team from China make it in. We will make the drive of course.

I know the Shenzhen Regional (In China) is the week before Pittsburgh, so it was a tough decision the teams from China (both from Shenzhen) had to make to come to Pittsburgh over their own regional. Shoutout to both Voyager and GOLEM for missing their own regional to come to Pittsburgh!!