Teams attending three regionals...

With the unrestricted phase of registration set to open on Thursday Nov. 11 at Noon, I was just curious as to which teams were planning on competing at three regionals this year.

For those who are considering a third event, just a reminder that there are still spots available at the Waterloo Regional. It’s going to be a nice, small event, and we’d love to have you up here. With the Greater Toronto Regional now being full, this is the only remaining opportunity for teams to strut their stuff in Canada this year.

Look here :

Each listing/team represents one regional.

EDIT// I could be mistaken as to the meaning of multiple entries per team. But it matched with the few teams I talked to.

469 is planning on doing (for the first time) three regionals. and as a side note on that, we are considering the Waterloo regional as one of our choices.


My team will only go to 2 regionals plus nationals. Basically the reason, as I know, is that you need to have a real robust robot to stand up to 4 competitions before you can really fix anything “big” on it. Maybe next year though. Karthik I’ll bring the Waterloo idea up to Baker next time around. I want to go to Canada, what else is there to do around the Toronto area. Just PM me with that stuff. Thanks!


Team 100 could go to three regionals, depending heavily on the amount of funds we can get before December. Right now we’re signed up for the Silicon Valley Regionals, the other two would be Sacramento and Las Vegas (not very sure, though). A Canada regional sounds like a good idea though.

1511 is going to three regionals, Rochester, Buckeye, and either Pittsburg or Hartford, space permitting :slight_smile:

A little ambitious as a rookie team, but our kids really wanted to do it! (mostly in case we dont qualify for nationals) We decided that if they raised the money, they could go.

I attended 4 regular season events last year with 1114, and it was quite the ordeal. Our robot competed in 62 matches last year, and it definitely took it’s fair share of lumps. Also the extra travel was a strain on our team. That being said, doing the extra regional allowed our drivers to be “on their game” in Atlanta. The extra practice was invaluable. If you’re going to do the third regional, you will need a tough robot. But, once you make it to the end, it will pay off.

With so few teams being prequalified for Atlanta, I expect many teams to take on the challenge of a third regional. In my mind, if you want to get your team to Atlanta and have raised ample funds, three regionals is the way to do it.

This is our reasoning for doing a third regional (almost for sure to be Waterloo) and we’ll keep that in mind when designing the robot. The robot we used this year barely survived 2 regionals, every single match of the eliminations in Galileo and Einstein, IRI, Kettering Kickoff, and Sweet Repeat (oh the great box of spare parts we’ve amassed). In my opinion, a third regional forces a little bit more caution and strength into the design.


Well… Kyle makes things seem like they are all up to me. That is surely not the case. The regionals we attend as a team is always based on a team decision. We weigh our options. Many reasons depend on school issues, timing, location, and student availablity to be excused from classes. The reason why we won’t do three regionals this year has nothing to do with robot durability.

We did 3 regionals in 2003, and it was tough on the team. Students missed much school, and we decided that it was too taxing on everyone. Our robot benefitted fromt the process, as we got more time to improve it.

If the timing was “just right”, then we might do 3 regionals in future years, but again, it would be a team decision… not just my opinion.

I really do with that we could attend the Waterloo Regional this coming year. We are jealous of other teams who get to attend.

Andy B.

Attending multiple regionals in one year is an advantage to a team, no question about that. The reason we qualified for Nationals in 2004 was because we had the St. Louis Regional to compete at and work out the kinks in our machine and our strategies. We came out of STL with confidence and knew what we had to do to win, and it worked.

Attending one competition is taxing enough, on the machine and the people involved with the team. Anything added to that one is even more challenging, you need to have dedicated people and a robust robot. Cooney Quest went through 4 competitions last year (STL, Midwest, Nats, and IRI) and our machine just got better as the year went on. We won 2 events (Midwest and IRI) and that robot can still compete with the best of them (besides being an ungly rust bucket).

For teams attending more than 1 regional, watch out for them in their late regionals and at nationals, they will have the 2005 game down.