Teams classified as Sports Teams in NY


Just curious…are there any teams in NY that are classified as a sports team in their school?

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5881 from Tech Valley High School. We are a regional high school who’s population is made up from select students from other schools in the greater capitol region, such that students partake in sports from there home district. FRC is the only real sports type competition the school has, other than Odyssey of the mind (if you want to stretch it that far). Although it is not officially identified as such, it is the school’s sport in spirit.

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3044 members get varsity letters after their first year, other than that, we’re not classified as a sport, but as a club


We (Team 2869) are not considered a sports team by our school, however we are much more than a club/extracurricular/after-school activity to our school. We are basically in a category of our own, in our school’s eyes.