Teams coming to Champs

If your team is coming to Champs, please be prepared. Teams can bring in five members to set up the pit at 1:00 PM on Wednesday. General Pit open is at 4:00PM. Check the FIRST Website for further and the latest information.
Team Load in is on 9th Avenue as in the past. After you load in, please try to get your robot crate unpacked ASAP so that it can be removed from the pit area. You can then get inspected as soon as you are able. We will have inspectors walking the pits to assist you once pits open. They will be ready to inspect in that first hour. As always, bring your robot with bumpers off and battery out to the inspection station for weigh and size. An inspector will be assigned after that and will meet you in the pit.
During inspection be prepared to show your attachments, arms and mechanisms that extend outside the frame perimeter. Have your CAW available as a printed form or you can display it on a laptop. Have your driver’s station booted and ready to tether to your robot to display firmware and other Power On tests during inspection.

Some of the biggest problems we have encountered this year have been bumpers. This may be due to insufficient frame support behind the bumpers, particularly with tank tread designs. Teams have also misunderstood the 8" rule. The bumper is not the 8" determining factor, it is 8" from any corner as measured along the frame. Refs have been calling fouls on teams for bumpers that sag outside of the bumper zone. Please be sure your covers are **tight **and your bumpers are securely mounted.

In the final weeks of the season, we have seen more loose connections on the primary electrical system components than anytime previous. To keep your robot from brownout problems and intermittent noise, check that everything is tight. Wiggle all battery cables, main breaker and PDP connections. Give a good tug on all of these wires to check for improper crimp. Take time to properly insulate all terminals as well.

Good Luck Everyone, see you in just four days.

As always, thank you for this Al!

I couldn’t find it in the manual, but just to be sure, we can pop our bag right after we open the crate, right? We don’t need our form signed off?

When are we allowed to start working on our robots?

Also, If I am not one of the 5 members loading in, can I stay somewhere in America’s Center or the surrounding area and wait until 4? I don’t want to go back to the hotel and risk being late as I want to get in right when pits are open.

I remember last year it was announced that you could un tag as soon as you get there in a blog I believe (that or a team update). Haven’t seen anything yet this year though regarding if we can untag as soon as we get there.

If this does happen we will see it soon.

Don’t forget that what passed at your earlier events may not pass at Champs. Don’t be surprised if it happens. Work it out with the inspectors. They have a lot of work to do. They want you have a great time at Champs. Have fun!

Sure. We have had 2 or 3 people hanging out when we have had the good fortune to go to St. Louis. This year the Innovation Center across the street at the Renaissance Grand hotel could be a good place to spend time.

The 5 person restriction is simply for people in the pits. We want to clear crates as soon as possible and more people just complicate that.
If we decide to skip B&T, it will be announced prior to Wednesday.