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Heyo guys . Im kinda troubling with a problem . It is really hard to find teams discord servers . Why i want them ? Well it is hard to find a solution to problems in a server which has too many members , im not kidding . Anyway , it would be lovely if you guys drop your teams public discord server links

Question: Why do you want teams to make their internal discussions public?


I am not sure if my teams discord server is public, but if it is, you REALLY don’t want the link…


ah u kinda got it wrong i guess , some robotic teams (not talking about frc community , actually talking about rov ) has their discord for their team members and also for global community . It kinda let them to have a discussion area and also a network which is kinda useful .

I see.

Thing is, over on this side of the Atlantic, a lot of school districts really don’t like Discord (or, to be honest, any one of several other possible messaging options including Slack–exactly what the school likes/doesn’t like is pretty random). So many teams don’t have one. The ones that do, their school/school district is likely to get rather upset if any “random internet person” can find the link and join (because student protection is a thing).


There are a few teams that have their Discord open to the public. However, the main purpose of opening up these servers are to interact with other teams (in a social aspect rather than for assistance). As far as I know, those teams do not use that server for internal communications. I haven’t joined any of these myself so feel free to correct me.

As for your initial problem, I’d recommend you try to reach out to some of the teams in your area. Are there any teams that you talked to at competition that were particularly nice? Do you have the contact information of anyone on their team? If so, just ask if they’d be willing to help. That has been something that has been quite successful for me.

It kinda let them to have a discussion area and also a network which is kinda useful .

This is the role of the Official FRC Discord. There are plenty of knowledgeable people on there who are willing to help.

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There is no ‘official FRC discord’, as it is not maintained by FIRST. There is a large FRC discord population, but it’s not “official” as in HQ-ordained. It is community moderated. Just wanted to make that clear.


Oh sorry. Thank you for the correction :).

Thanks for tips , i’ll do em for sure . Btw one of the reasons why im searching for a team discord is global discord servers are not in use that much , i think they are just like standing there for pernament . Anyway , i found some , it will cover that :slight_smile:

Have you looked at the unofficial FRC discord? It’s pretty active.

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i checked it , it looks pretty online as u say , thanks !

I’m from a community team, but the school most of us go to even blocked Discord from their WiFi! I agree with what others have said though. Most teams don’t expect their servers to be public, and the unofficial FRC server is a great place to ask questions even if its a lot of people


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