Teams from Postponed Events - To Build or Not To Build?

With PNW postponed probably till fall 2020 and several other events getting cancelled.postopined and more coming, it raises the inevitable question my team and several others will start arguing about… So I ask teams at large, will your team treat this as the end of the season, say it’s time to move on to other projects and to activities past the FRC season, or will you keep working on your robot for the (hopefully) eventual competition? Or will it be a mix of both? I’m curious to hear what you have to say!

In my opinion, teams (namely my team) should continue to work on the robot, but put more of an emphasis on training team members and developing new technologies, rather than pure competitiveness. This season will always be viewed differently in the history books, so it doesn’t make sense to me to build/play for competition since there are so many more factors that could affect that. I’d rather promote a killer 2021 season than try to salvage a good 2020 season.


We personally are going to work on the bot, but we are using the extra time to both slow down and not stay as late, as well as to use it to build new skills and try new things that can help us in future years.


Teams should not stop working. There is always more to be learned and gained.

Not only can you make your robot absolutely awesome, and a true example of just how awesome your team is, but you can give your team a better chance of winning next season with that robot.


We got the wonderful news this afternoon that our regional has been postponed. After an hour or so of “adjustment”, we decided we need to make our robot better. So, after spring break, we’ll get right on that.

Lots of wild speculation about what “postponed” means, but a few of us think that means “fall”, not " a few weeks". We’ll see what happens.


We are currently still working on our robot (finishing touches and repairing our climber which a screw snapped). Haven’t put on sponsor stickers and bumper numbers yet. We most likely won’t be touching the robot much since we don’t have easy access to a place where we can run cycles and run thorough tests on the bot. Most of our teammates have become discouraged by our competition status. There is a field where we can get to but if our competitions become cancelled, it’s a robot built for nothing.

Honestly, at this point, i just hope it can be hosted. I’ll come back as a freshman.

The worse part is our robot is the best it’s ever been.


While our second event hasn’t been postponed yet (Sacramento), it isn’t looking too good (SF and San Jose got yote today.)

We were finishing up the CAD for our rebuild this weekend and will continue to move ahead with the fabrication for it. We have the funds, so we want to keep chugging along in the case that the event still happens. If it doesn’t, we’ll keep improving the bot and polishing it up for next year (though I’ll be gone by then :frowning: )

On the bright side, teams around the world will now be able to give the robot to the programming team for more than an hour!


Both our events got postponed so this is the end of season for us.
We will finish the robot and get it ready.

I had an idea.

Move the current game to next year giving teams a year to finish and fine tune the robots. This could make the next season fabulous.


We are going to continue to work on our robot. We have quite a few new, untrained team members who could really use the extra hands on training.

Honestly, we are kind of upset that the events were postponed for sure, but I suppose that means that our newer members get a jump on our off season training.

We aren’t at that bridge yet, but in FMA two events have been axed so far. If we don’t get a play in, I’m not sure what the game plan is, but FRC student/mentor burnout is a real thing. We would (imo) take a good break, go back to our robot or solely focus on education. We do not have the funds for further major money investments with a second/thrid robot in one season.

I want a 10 ball auton though


We played week one, then all of PNW got canceled so our robot is built.


it’s a good robot


Finally figured out our 5 ball auto? Event postponed :frowning:


We can use the time. We’re just slowing down, focusing more on driving practice, and try and polish everything until we’re happy with the performance.

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There’s always the perverse hope that you’ll be able to attend a postponed championship in a few months.

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Friday, we finally had a robot pick up a game piece in auto. First time ever, 15 years. Event cancelled.


In the past, I have heard at the awards ceremonies “those that do the work win”. Those of you who continue to work on your robots for educational purposes will all win.

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That’s what we are doing. Training for new people started today.

Sounds like this gives you time to get the 10 ball going.


For us (team 1989) its probably going to be a little of both. There were plans anyway to make the robot better after the season - after all its quite educational to fix your mistakes or try to improve on things that could have gone better. There are also some projects that were/are planned. Now it in part will also depend if and when and for how long schools will be closed