Teams going to Atlanta Six Flags

Team 155 will be in Atlanta for the Championship until Monday, April 20. We are planning on going to Six Flags on Sunday, April 19. In order to get a group discount we need at least 15, we have 13. We were wondering if there are other teams who might be going that we could add on to to get the group rate.:slight_smile:

Be safe! :slight_smile:

Team 359 Hawaiian Kids will be attending.
We have about 25 people attending and will be there all day on Sunday as well.
Why do you think we are going to Atlanta? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: , says our students…

Let us know via PM if you still need us before that day and PM me your contact info.


Be aware that Six flags will only be open during the weekend :frowning: We wanted to go during the week, but the calendar says closed!:mad:

We have gone before, but since we live so closed to cedar point, it just wasn’t the same… I guess we are just spoiled…

Please contact us in Atlanta. We’ll look for you in what ever region you are in.

Look for team 359 in the pits. I should be there the entire time, except during matches.


Team 1675 will also be in Atlanta until Monday we are planning on going to 6 Flags on Sunday sometime in the afternoon may see some of you there :slight_smile:

Six Flags over GA is good and I live 30 minutes from it, but have only been 5 times in this decade. Still a fun park though for those that have not ridden coasters in a long time.

However, my boys and I have driven to Cedar Point every summer except for one since 1999. Well worth the 700 mile drive. :slight_smile:

hmmm, idk if team 126 is going this year…we went last year, i would hope that we get to go this year! it was a blast! Oh and u guys (155) were really fun to work with in boston!