Teams Google Calendar

I happened to be checking out a team’s site when I saw their calendar posted on one of the pages. I automatically added it to our team’s watch list or whatnot. Just wondering what other teams had one so i can add it. It’s nice to see what you all are doing and when.

We aren’t very close to you, but we have a calendar online at our website at It’s still in a work in progress though :slight_smile:

re: paly robotics, i’m not sure we have a google calendar feed available, but we really should!

were far away from you, but Montclair Robotics has a google calender/ Google group too for our inter team emails about meetings.

We also have Google calender as well as Google Groups, Documents, and Photos.


When I get the team’s website a bit more setup, we’ll have a Google Calendar all set up. :smiley:

Thanks all! I’m not really not looking for close teams, since we don’t have too many around here sans Cleveland. Main reason is just to see when other teams do things, since we’re planning on starting more off-season/fundraising and need to let the teacher know about how busy we can be.

I maintain a pair of Google calendars for the TechnoKats. One is for team activities, and the other has school holidays. Search for TechnoKats Team Events if you want to see our schedule.

All our team members have an account in our “Google For Your Domain” setup, which gives everyone a email address and access to the calendars. It’s been working well for us.

Our site has a calendar of team events & meetings which can be found here: We use google calendar and have been pleased with how useful it is for keeping everyone informed.