Teams I would like to recognize for excellent designs this year.

67= drive train that amazes me
71=also another nice drive train
(Killer bees)=great autonomous
111= auto loading zone king
118= for the chains
135= fastest capper I’ve seen
(Kryptonite)= for actually getting a vision tetra on the center goal even though it wasn’t counted
233=for their industrial design that looked like a pink tank
330=they stuck with simple and speed and it got them far
1114= great end effecter
(Sidewinders)=aircraft design that was amazingly beautiful ( I loved how it was built like a real airplane is built)

I know I missed many teams but it’s hard to remember all the bots and some I haven’t seen so please add whichever bots you would like to recognize.(most are from IRI cause I just got back and they are fresh on my memory)

And by the way I would also like to thank the teams that were helping #364 get our robot fixed because being from Mississippi it does start to feel quite lonely with mostly northerner teams at IRI, but it just warmed my heart when we had team’s mentors coming to our pit asking us what we need, to see if they could help. To me that is the perfect example of what FIRST is trying to teach our youth.

Also for those of you that don’t know who I am I’m the dude with the cast that’s on fusion, and if you ask anybody…….I’m the wildest guy you’ll ever met. :yikes:

See yall next year,

Killer Bees are 33. Cryptonite is 6 something (I think).

Thank you for the kind words.

Cryptonite is 624. And it was painful to see that vision tetra fail to drop.

Team 22: Auto. mode outstanding

I don’t recall their auto mode (actually, I think a few times it didn’t have one and once it used it’s arm to nearly flip the robot onto it’s top) so perhaps you could recap what was so outstanding? Also, I didn’t think their driver control was particularly oustanding, but then again I didn’t see them at Championships.

It was a very nice looking robot though, with every piece powder coated or anodized. :slight_smile:

It was at nationals when they had a good auto.

Best “cone” gripper: 469 Las Gurrellias

Best drivetrain: 67 The H.O.T. team

Best “one gripper” gripper: 330 Beach Bots

Most unique gripper: 16 The BOMB Squad

Best “multi-gripper” gripper: 233 The Pink Team

Overall favorite design: 33 Killer BEES

Favorite Rookie robot: 1646 Precision Guesswork

Best automode: 233 The Pink Team

Best defender: 393 Morristown Full Metal Jackets

Most Efficent: 179 Swampthing

Best Team Spirit: 47 ChiefDelphi

“Cool Controls”: 548 RoboStangs

Best Pits: 234 Cyber Blue

I’ve heard this on more than one occassion. Does anyone have a pic?

i know something im working on will get my team on this thread next year! hehehe :smiley:

Here’s a couple:



Awesomely simple drive train: 79 Swampthing

Awesomely simple manipulator: 233 Think Pink

Autonomous mode (and quickly copied by many teams I might add): 1251 Tech Tigers

Innovative way to make contact with the ground: 343 Metal in motion

Great all around design: 25 Raider Robotix

I would also like to mention a team that had a innovative use of a common item, I’m sorry I can’t remember the number or name, but I believe they were a rookie team, they were at Palmetto and in the Curie division at Nationals , but this team used a skateboard in part of their arm. If anyone can remember the number please feel free to give it.

what do the motors on the front do?

Team 222 for their amazing 2 and 3 speed ball shifters. A lot of creative design went into those… a pat on the back to them.

i saw those. did they actually design them? i thought they bought them somewhere. the craftsmanship was impressive i wonder who made them?

So HOT was basically a 3 wheeled crab? Did it start upright and fall over or something also?

Anyway, nobody mentioned 696’s very own 6 motor two speed HexaMax drive system. While it did turn out to be overkill for how the game played out, I believe it was the only of it’s kind this year and one of very few ever made.

Yes, I believe from the center of the home row it would kind of ride the goal down.

Thanks for the props Veselin. We put a good chunk of the 6 weeks into those due to build member losses and we are very proud of them and the entire drive train.

Mechanicalbrain… if your are referring to our trannies in your most recent post, we made them. They were a design adopted from a 70’s Hodaka motorcycle. The 2004 whitepaper can be found here.
A picture of this years trannies can be found here with a list of differences from the 04 to the 05 design.

//Its kind of off topic but I really really needed to say thanks to some people on my team.

I can’t talk about the transmissions this year without mentioning Cliff Mock and Brad Rigdon. With our team’s personnel loss in mentors other than themselves, and lack of interest in students Cliff and Brad had their plates full. They really inspired the students we had and lead us students through the build of robot especially the transmissions. Most impressively they never took over build. It was always an even mix of work between the students and mentors like Cliff and Brad. For that, being one of the students, I thank Cliff Brad and all of the mentors on team 222.

I was talking about the actual ball bearing gear shifting device which was possibly the coolest way of shifting gears ive ever seen! I think it would be cool to do it using magnetics (like how electric release brakes work). actually thinking about it that would be really cool.

Thanks everyone for the comments.

First off as Henry stated, we the transmissions in our high school shop. Most everyone on the build team was involved with making the transmissions mentors and students alike.

I had the fun job of making most of the 1’’ shifting shafts. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also as Henry stated we got the idea of ball bearing shifting from a Hodaka motorcycle transmission that was produced back in the 70’s.

We took that concept from the Hodaka transmission, which was a 5 speed, used our creativity and then figured out how to make it work on a robot.

We did have several ideas for shifting them, from Globe motors to servos, but we ended up using Pneumatics for reliablity/simplicity.

Several teams this year that used this shifting method include 1143, 571, 469, and there are more that I can’t remember at the moment, please let me know if I missed you!

If any of you have questions about the transmissions just feel free to email me [email protected] or AIM bsrtunkpa.

233 did have a really cool arm design, I got my first chance to see their 2005 robot in action at IRI.

I have been thinking about make a new white paper on the 2005 transmissions and making other white papers such as how 222 builds simple aluminum robot frames that with stand constant abuse. :ahh:

allright, we know all of the well known teams have been listed, so why dont we list some of the non-wellknown teams…

I reffed in pittsburgh, and a few teams really made me say…wow…

(the NY yankees team)= they had the most simple turret and capper i have ever seen

MOE= im so suprised nobody has listed them, most consistent capping bot ive seen.


(kaizen blitz)= one of the powerhouses at BAE this year, it was really one of the neatest robots.

CHUCK 84 (yes, i know its you know who’s team :wink: )= AMAZINGLY simple, capped effectively, and just rocked at PARC.

108= Dont leave fin hanging! really neat looking robot, heard it did well also.

those are a few i noticed, yes of course i noticed teams like 233, 67, etc. but also those teams who are not “kingpins” yet.