Teams In MA

Are any teams going to host like a Kickoff Party or something? I mean for the other team members whom are not able to attend the actual Kickoff but I know that the kickoff will be aired on NASA TV or a satellite channel. Since only 2 team advisors will be attending, that leaves the rest of the team in the dark about this season’s game. So if any teams will be watching the kickoff via satellite and has extra spots, let me know!

PS- Any teams already started their fundraising? How much have you made so far?

We’re talking with AT&T Broadband to arrange for a satellite broadcast. Convienently enough, the local TV studio is housed in our new high school. The arrangements are still in the works, though. But if we do get it going, we’d be glad to invite other teams in the area.

(We’re in Hopkinton, intersection of I-90 and 495. Start of the Boston Marathon and all that. :))

I’m organizing a mini-kickoff at our school for our team and sponsors. Are any Massachusetts teams interested in attending?

We’ll be setting up rooms with TVs and satellite feeds for each time. The other option is to have everyone in our auditorium and projecting the kick-off on a large screen. Food would be provided, though we wouldn’t mind teams bringing some. :slight_smile:

We’re just gauging responses at this point. If there’s enough people interested, we’ll go ahead with it and set up the satellite dishes and such.

Our team usually has a loosly organized team party. Our local College loans us there auditorium, with the 20 foot TV and stadium seating and NASA TV feed.

There’s seating for about 100-150, and we usually have about 20.

I’m pretty sure (not speaking for team) we wouldn’t mind visitors.

Hey, that sounds great, Team419 (Dorchester/Boston) is interesting in joining some teams for a lil kickoff “shindig.” We have a lot of new and returning members who are interested in and eager to find out this season’s game. If its possible to accomadate my team, which is about 35-50 students but will probably have 20-25 kids actually interested in watching kickoff. Plus it would help more teams to meet other “Firsters” Plus Bridgewater isn’t too far, we have a couple members in the Bridgewater area actually, well one of our more notorous Rambots to the TJ2 team would be Matt Sexton, I’m sure probably all of Team 88 knows him. But you can email me any time with further details and I’ll try to coordinate something with my team. Thanks!

last year, many bc high students went. for that matter it is closer. they also have it on a big screen and serve food. as always, MIT (aka team 97) has extended the invitation to Rambots.


Are any teams that are hosting a kickoff party, will there be a dance/party afterwards for all the teams to interact on a more social level?

if youd gone to the mit shing ding in the past youd realize that theres quite a bit of interaction. mostly between bodies and food. bodies and snow too. but its still interaction.

from my recolection, people were throwing food at me.