Teams In New Jersey - Field For Use - FREEE!!!

Alright here’s the low-down, we were donated enough of the “Regolith” to make a field by a parent on our team. We’ve decided that we’re going to build a full sized field for our own usage and anyone who would like to use it. We’re currently gauging interest to see how many people would like to use it.

So here’s what we’re thinking.

-Field will be available for use Monday - Thursday from about 6pm to 8-9pm and Saturday from about 9am - 3pm.

-We will have an extra trailer but it’s first come fist served.

-Also we’d like to ask that you use bumpers when running to avoid damaging the field/room. (I understand that many teams won’t have bumpers for a few weeks though so we can work around that.

-We’ll have basic tools and materials should something break or not work as intended.

-Bring Your Own Ball(s).

-Run Robots at your own risk. Safety Glasses must be worn when on the field or by the field!!!

-FREEEEEE!!! (Unless you would like to bring food)

Our school is in Westampton New Jersey which is about 1 hour from the Delaware Memorial Bridge, 2 hours from New York City and about 30 minutes from Philadelphia.

If you’re interested Email or PM Me at thefro526(at) or DannyMcC at Syntheticfear(at) with your info and we’ll add you to the contact list for field scheduling. It’ll be first come first served and we’re going to try to limit the teams using it at one time to a sane level. When E-mailing can you please put “Team XXXX would like to have more info on your field”.

Seems like a great offer, I hope that teams around your area really take advantage of this! Hopefully if you guys have your field and we get ours going we can work some kind of competition out between areas :slight_smile:

Unfortunately for teams around Somerset county and north I think the drive is going to be a bit long (1 hr and 10 minutes from Bridgewater Somerset County). For those teams who are up north too far but still want to test drive multiple time a week contact me through pm or the thread about splitting costs and setting up scrims)

Again, its great to see full fields popping up around NJ, hopefully this will make the local regionals that much more competitive, with your field down south, and hopefully ours getting up in central we can offer field space to the majority of NJ and even PA/NY teams.

Hey Dustin, this is great news!
Can you just be sure and let us know as soon as the field is available for use? (ie, when you’ve finished building it)

We should have it done by Wednesday the 14th and I’ll update here. I forgot that in the original post.

Ohhh sounds naaace.

I’ll have to see what we want to do Dustin. I get first dibs right? :wink:

Nahhhh you get lasties :slight_smile:

I’ll try to show up sometime with some Krispy kreme.

You guys should make the fee as to bring like atleast 2 balls

Well you have to bring your own balls so its pretty much implied.

This sounds great! Can non-NJ team use the field if we’re close enough to make the trip?

No, we don’t want to share with you PA folks :stuck_out_tongue:
Of course, I’m kidding! I’m sure 816 would be happy to share with anyone who’s willing to make the trip! =)

816 Loves PA teams, but I’ll let them speak for themselves.:wink:

Sure! I’m sorry, when I was typing the thread title I meant to open it to any team from about the NJ,PA,DE, and NY area or anyone else who wants to join us.

The offer was nice… however, i think that we decided to build part of the field for practice. Depending on when we finish, we may be up for a game like situation/scrimmage. i’ll let you know. =]

Hey Dustin,

Just letting you know that Cougar Robotics Team 1403 is looking for a possible field to use sometime and would love to work with you if we get the time to.

Thanks for being open,

Thatd be cool. We know you guys from Jersey and all that jazz. So yeah just email me or dustin you know if you want more info. Its not required… but itd be nice if someone brought some food for the guys who work countless on our robotics team. coughmecough oooo and dustin kinda ;)… Cookies and milk ftw?

Cool cool, you know how to contact me. We’d be more than happy to have you guys down our way after all of the Monty’s I’ve been to!!!:smiley:

Nothing Like A Thread Revival.

Drivers Need Practice?

Payload Specialist Need to See if they Can Shoot to Half Court?

Programmers Need to See How well their Programs work on a FULL Size Field?

Well come on over to Our Place!!!

Our practice field is done and we’ve been vigorously practicing on it for the last two weeks. Sadly we haven’t had anyone stop by to use it or to practice with us. The offer still stands for any teams that want to use it. The information is still on the first page of the thread so feel free to contact me at anytime if your team would like to use the field.

I don’t have any pictures but here a vid of our bot on the field:

As of Now It Open On the Following Dates:

Monday (2/9)-Thursday (2/12) 5:30pm to ~8pm

Possibly Friday (2/13)

Saturday (2/14) ~12pm-3pm

Possibly Monday (2/16) (Time TBD)

That’s very generous, too bad you’re not in California

Naaa, too bad you’re not in NJ:cool: Although it is freezing over here…

Can team 1640 come by Saturday afternoon if we’re ready? (We can bring food!)