Teams in the Central Jersey area

Our team has very limited space to work in as a result we don’t really have a place to drive around and get practice, we were wondering if any other central jersey teams with space to drive and practice were willing to let us come practice for a day or two. Thank you in advance.

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(Also, central jersey doesn’t exist :wink: )


We aren’t in Central Jersey but we have room and are right off 95 & the PA Turnpike. When we’re you looking to practice and I’ll check with my team.

Hey! 1807/1812 does not have a full field set up, we have half a field but will be happy to help out. Let me double-check with the head coach and we can find a time to make this work. Are you on the unofficial FMA discord or can we email you to coordinate?

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We don’t have a permanent practice space, but we do have our hallway set up with game elements as we get closer to the competitions.

If you’d like, send me a DM and we can get connected on when we’d be able to open that up! It’s not going to be perfect, but it’s enough carpet space and wooden field elements.

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We’re out of Medford, got carpet and field elements for ~ half a field. Happy to help if we can!

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