teams known for scouting

Hello all…
Well here we are three or so weeks out from everyone going to Atlanta.
Our team did’nt pay much attention to the scouting in Atlanta last year
but have more time (not to mention a larger team) this year.

So the question is…what teams are known for scouting and scouting well.
(team 108 is a given)

I have to hand it to our scouting team. They are one of the major reasons we were able to win two regionals this year. They had info on every bot’s drive train, scoring strategy, “sweet spots” on the field, driver quirks. You name it, they had it. Each match they came up to the drive team and handed us a piece of paper with the strategy they planned. We ran it every time, and it worked.

Last year in the stands…just thinking off-hand,

I saw 234 scouting a lot.
Also, 195 seems to do quite a bit of scouting.

I would say search around the forums for “scouting” and see which teams come up in the search.

the gearheads. They have their own ranking system and everything

Spam, Team 180, has an amasing scouting set up called " STAMP " and gives amasing feedback about teams that they play, and work with. Its pretty cool system you should check it out, I would be highly surprised if they didn’t run it at nationals.

Titan Robotics, FRC 492 is a scouting machine. And they share data. I love those guys (and girls).

The teams I know who were great scouters this year were 25, and 175.

And guess what? They both won regionals.

we have 1 to 3 people scouting at a time…and one of them, brian, is a machine. he writes up match briefings for each match about 2 or 3 matches ahead of time, which allows our alliance to understand their competition and even their own robots. he’s amazing.

Our team developed and uses MARRS and we use 4 teams of 3 to watch matches and 5 people entering data and then 2 more (me and our team lead) to discuss the data and make a strategy. Then we go talk to our alliance partners and tell them what’s going on. This happens for every match and it works like a well oiled machine.

Our scouting team was amazing. We had absolutely everything including probabilities of certain autonomous’s for teams, pictures of the robots, stats for every single game, penalities given, general notes, detailed notes, how often they broke down, etc. We had one person typing up match notes basically describing the match almost play by play, and we filmed several matches. Thank you Nathan.

93, 180, and 492 developed STAMP.

team 1511 is emerging as a scouting leader.
they perform pre event, match, and pit scouting at every regional they attend.

this year they took detailed and accurate information in scantron form. Then they scanned it into the computer and ran all of the raw data through a waited objective table.

Not bad for a second year team

By far for scouting is Team 365, I believe Bernie is the head of it. They know the ins and outs of all the robots and may even know more information then what you think your robot already does.

1002 sets up a massive scouting database at the regionals they attend, which catalogs data about all the teams at the events.

1114 always has awesome scouting. Geoff and Emerald are amazing at it. I think that they know what drivers are going to do before they do it…

As Head scouter or “scout master” of team Sparx i have to say that the system we have is pretty good. Thursday when the team comes to atlanta, i have the team split in to groups of 2 or 3 and take 5 or 6 teams in our division. And ask members of the teams pit questions to get some info about each team before the actual competitions starts, then all day friday the team rotates 6 to 8 students are in the stands scouting all the matches or until we have 5 matches of good data for each team. On saturday we just watch the teams we have in mind if we are in position to pick or are right below that.