Teams Missing from this Year's Championship

I was looking through the list of registered teams for Championships so far. I am really sad to see some of my favorite teams not on the list: 233- the Pink Team, 2474- Excel, and 2826- Wave Robotics are three teams that come to my mind quickly.

So I’m curious, who are some of the teams you follow who were not able to secure their ticket to St. Louis this season?

234 didn’t make it for the first year since 1999. Really unfortunate, I was hoping for a chance to play with them.

1024 also built a great robot, but couldn’t quite make it

217 won the Chairman’s at the Buckeye Regional, qualifying them to attend.

They won Chairmans at Buckeye Regional, so they are going.

696 had an awesome robot this year but won’t be attending.

Also, 316 from MAR won two district events this year but did not qualify.

South Carolina kinda took a statewide drubbing, with lots of its better-known teams (EnTech, Burning Magnetos, Metal In Motion, M’Aiken Magic, FLASH, Los Pollos Locos, ROBOTZ Garage) not punching a ticket. You don’t necessarily expect all of them to make it, but you’d expect at least one of that group to find a way.

In fact, only three teams did find a way in the whole state: 1287 (Aluminum Assault, won NC), 4901 (Garnet Squadron, won Orlando), 4965 (FIRE, Palmetto RAS). Time to start working on 2015 so we can have more travel buddies.

1418 had good showings at both VARI and Greater DC making the finals in both but are unfortunately not going to the champs.

They have some match video on TheBlueAlliance.

What was the point cutoff for MAR teams to qualify for CMP this year?

The lowest points team had 168 points.

168, assuming nobody declines the invitation.

MAR is unique in that more than half of its allocated spots (11/18) were filled through award winners at the District Championship and at Regionals.

Team 75, The RoboRaiders, also won a MAR District, won EI at the same district, and won Chairman’s at their second district, but didn’t qualify for St. Louis.

967 is easily one of the best robots not attending champs.


Team 1319 (Flash) and Team 1772 ( The Brazilian Trailblazers) were 2 teams that both made great robots that had great seasons but they were just not able to secure their spots to St Louis.

For folks posting up team numbers, it would be cool if you also posted a really good match video too :slight_smile:

From Texas: we have many great teams

These Texas teams really should be at champs:
231 had a unique and great robot with a two-ball auto, semi-finalist at both Dallas & LSR

4587 - very impressive robot and shooter for a 2nd year team.

71 isn’t going again that’s the second time in the last three years. They had a great on the run shooter and a good 2 ball auto. Plus they were wicked fast.

125, won three districts, and a district chairman’s award, and still didn’t qualify for St.Louis.

Uh, I’m pretty sure they did…