Teams "negging" other teams during Impact practice

While at a competition, a few of our students participated in an impact practice session hosted by well-respected team in FRC. During the practice session they were the target of abusive language by the mentor on that team. Upon speaking with another team, who also participated in a practice session with this team, I discovered they were targeted by identical abusive language from this mentor.

I believe the intent of this “practice session” was to “Neg” our students, essentially diminishing their confidence in their presentation before they present it in an effort to weaken it.

I believe this behavior is unacceptable and both teams plan to file a NMIR against this team’s mentor.

My goal of creating this thread is to make others aware of this practice and create a space to share similar experiences.


Correct, it’s not acceptable. Please follow through with the plan to NMIR this person.


As @EricH stated please follow through. Nates post on the below post also helps out with some tips.


This happened to 1114 in 2012 at the Championship. At the time it was one of the most brazen attempts at subterfuge I had ever seen at an event. (That changed later on that weekend.)


Please report this. That’s horrifying.

As a mentor who has worked with other Impact teams at events, the goal is to highlight what I’d maybe want to hear even more about in the Q&A and then build up confidence. Students work so hard to get to that point and have earned respect and genuine support from everyone.

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Ok, now I have heard the lowest of the low. Hope it ends well.

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