Teams Qualified for the Championship

Does anybody have a list of teams so far qualified to Dallas though the winning alliance and robot skills challenge (Both Programing and Driving). It would be gladly appreciated and a list of each regional winners.

I think there is a thread about this on Alternatively, many winners are listed in each tournament page here:

Hope this helps,

Thanks but most of these tournaments dont post results thats why i am wondering.

I can’t pretend that I conducted an exhaustive survey, but all but one of the official (non-scrimmage) events I just clicked on at RobotEvents had official results posted. A lot of events this year did not run the Programming or Robot Skills events, so that might be what you found.

Three of our 'bots have won these awards: 575 and 417 have won Programming Skills challenges, and 418 has won a Robot Skills award.

Here’s a link to a picture of our little robot family:

I will be most likely Getting a list of teams this weekend that have qualyfied from the events that count.